Bipolar Disorder

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Attention And Wellness

Dr. Northrup is a skilled diagnostician with extensive clinical experience in General and Forensic Psychiatry. He provides evidence-based care, engaging patients in collaborative treatment planning. He receives many referrals from physicians, therapists, and psychologists. If medications are considered, it is tailored to what would best treat the presenting problems most effectively in order to meet the needs of the individual. He is known for his skill with prescribing psychotropic medications and his ability to rule in or rule out a diagnosis. Dr. Northrup takes prescribing medication seriously and he will not just “throw medication” at a problem. He is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD/ADD as well and administers on-site testing.Dr. Northrup provides a number of other services including second opinions, education for patients and family, and therapy/coaching. Additionally, Dr. Northrup is available for Forensic Consultations for both civil and criminal cases.

Dr. Northrup accepts some, but not all insurances. Additionally, some services may not be covered by insurance.